You will be a believer after this!

Recently I had the honor of hosting a high tea and providing angel readings for many of the guests. There were some very profound messages but none more so than the story I am about to share.

I recently purchased some pillows from one of my girlfriends – they had angels on them and she gave me 2 extra pillows one had made with love written on it and the other had some french writing on it.   The day of the high tea I decided to remove them from the bag she had given them to me in and put them on display, this was for no specific reason but none the less it was done.

As I commenced my readings, I was mid way through and I called in Julie for her reading.  As she sat down I had already had a strong sense of spirit and a loved one who had passed over.  Julie had showed me a photo of her daughter who had recently had a baby and had questioned why in all the photos that had been taken of her daughter that the photos were blurry.  She showed me the photo of her daughter in hospital after she had her baby.  In the photo I had noticed an orb and heard the word “sister”.  So I said to Julie someone has come forward saying they are a sister.   Julie’s eyes starting to well up and she said “my sister”  I said no sister – something to do with your daughter.  Julie hadn’t told me but her other daughter had passed at a very early age and she was present with her sister in all the photos that were taken – showing a blur in the photos from the presence of her energy.  Her daughter who had passed on had also said to me that a lot of her character traits were with the new baby called Mason and they would notice in time some things that the baby will do that will remind them of her presence.  Julie questioned me and looked puzzled.  I felt a sense of disbelief in what I had told her.  She said “but I went to another psychic and they said that my daughters energy and soul was going to be with my son’s newborn”  I explained that spirit can be simultaneously with multiple people/family members at any given time.

As I finished saying this I had her daughter in spirit say “Go to the other office and look at the pillows”  So I excused myself from the reading and told Julie her daughter had asked me to look in the other office at the pillows, so I started to ask Julie – “there is something she is showing me on the pillows”  Julie proceeded to say “she used to have a pillow with butterflies and purple”  I said “no that’s not it”. Julie made a couple more suggestions and I said no.  Julie then said “let me come and have a look, and as she peered around the corner into the office she gasped and said “Oh my God Julia! The pillow says Maison!!!”  She had tears, I had tears and we both were in total awe of what had happened.  Her daughter in spirit had to validate for Julie that she was present with Mason!

Now the reason became clear for my strange behavior of placing the pillows on display on an office table!

What is a Chakra?

A chakra is a center of energy which is described as a spinning circle or “Wheel of Light”. The chakras are found in the etheric body and are linked to specific areas of the body. When a chakra becomes imbalanced the “wheel of light” doesn’t spinning correctly. This can affect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Chakra healing finds the cause of the disturbance within the chakra center, and allows a “re-calibration” of the chakra centers by working on the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Usually when the emotional component is found the physical symptoms clear and the chakra begins spinning correctly again, therefore removing the blockage and allowing the natural flow of energy to the etheric body again.

To treat such imbalances a chakra healing session would include:

•Finding he imbalance through a means of sensing, feeling or
seeing the energy disturbances.

•Removing the disturbances through an influx of energy, or any
type of energy removal technique.

•Healing the area with new energy.

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Sign of Angels


Many of my clients have been saying that they cannot hear or see their angels. All it requires is for you to be open to their signs. These can come in the form of recurring number sequences, angel clouds appearing, hearing the word angel in a song or in movie, finding feathers and in so many other forms. All that is required of you is that you ask “Angels please send me a clear sign that you are near”. The angels are playful at times and they decided on a fine Sunday morning to have fun with me. My husband went out early to do some gardening. It had already reached mid 30’s by 9.00am. When he walked inside I couldn’t believe what I had seen. The angels really did get my attention. On the front of his shirt was a sweat patch in the shape of a love heart, on the back of his shirt was another sweat patch – an angel. We couldn’t believe it and couldn’t stop laughing. I thanked them for communicating with us in such a playful way.

I am an angel intuitive and can communicate with your angels to hear the messages that we sometimes miss. Only when you ask for help, can angels intervene. We have free will so they cannot help unless we ask unless it is a life threatening situation before our time.

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Sending you love and blessings