Access Bars in Business with Pam Grace

Free Event

SATURDAY 25 MAY 2024 – 10.00AM

Access Bars® in Business is a revolutionary new approach to workplace happiness and well-being that is easy to implement in any organization. The technique has been successfully used by organizations worldwide to decrease stress and increase happiness and productivity. Bars in Business works with organizations of any size, and each program is tailormade for the company and situation. Cutting-edge employee care. Deep relaxation for the brain and body. Access Bars is currently being used in 188 countries and over 500,000 people have used Access Bars to deeply relax, recharge their batteries, become more productive and have more ease in their lives.

Kya – Closing Loops Coaching


Free Event

SATURDAY 25 MAY 2024 – 11.00AM

Speaking Presentation
Self Empowerment mentor, using the modalities of Success Coaching Hypnosis and NLP

The topic I would like to speak about is Self empowerment and the benefits of how healing your own scars through mentoring can also heal your health and medical issues.

Kya Bell, the founder of Closing Loops Coaching, is a Self-Empowerment Mentor dedicated to helping others heal and become their best selves. Utilising success coaching, Hypnosis, and NLP, she provides comprehensive support to those facing life’s challenges. As a single mother of two and a Professional Dressage dedicated rider and Coach, Kya has overcome a lot of incredible obstacles, including surviving a brain tumour, to achieve personal excellence. Her journey of defying the odds building strength and power with in to transform her life fuels her passion to guide others through their toughest and darkest times, offering the support she wished she had. With her mentoring, Kya aims to empower you to navigate hardships and unlock your full potential.
So come join me for a test run and a tranquil Hypnotic journey of where your train is taking you.

Faye Savage-Winter The Five Elements of Qigong

Free Event

SATURDAY 25 MAY 2024 – 12.00PM

Come join me and learn about Qigong and its health and
healing benefits. I will discuss a topic called natures
harmony, some of the spirit animals of the Five Elements,
the difference between Daoism and Buddhism, and an
ancient practice call Sipping in the moon cream. We will
also talk about the mysterious energy of Yin and its
importance for connection to spirit.

Sharon Palmer

Take Your Health to the Next Level with your DNA Data

Free Event

SATURDAY 25 MAY 2024 – 1.00PM

Sharon is the Clinical Director at iDNA Health with over 13 years specialising in Clinical Genetics. She has treated thousands of patients and has seen first-hand how using your genetic data can transform health outcomes. Come along and find out how to use your DNA to get better insight into your health and better outcomes. We will cover food intolerances and allergies, gut microbiome, autoimmunity, methylation, hormones, and mental health and well-being and much more.

Kirsty Chambers – Uncovering the Impact of Peri/Menopause

Free Event

SATURDAY 25 MAY 2024 – 2.00PM

Kirsty will uncover the impact Peri-menopause has physically, mentally, and socially on women. Using her life experience of starting Peri-menopause at 30 and her professional experience in social work, counselling, and coaching, her aim is to inspire women to use this time to positively transform into their authentic self.

Kirsty has  a passion for breaking down the stigma and taboo associated with this period of life and helping to empower women to reclaim their identity, love themselves, and achieve success.