Sign of Angels


Many of my clients have been saying that they cannot hear or see their angels. All it requires is for you to be open to their signs. These can come in the form of recurring number sequences, angel clouds appearing, hearing the word angel in a song or in movie, finding feathers and in so many other forms. All that is required of you is that you ask “Angels please send me a clear sign that you are near”. The angels are playful at times and they decided on a fine Sunday morning to have fun with me. My husband went out early to do some gardening. It had already reached mid 30’s by 9.00am. When he walked inside I couldn’t believe what I had seen. The angels really did get my attention. On the front of his shirt was a sweat patch in the shape of a love heart, on the back of his shirt was another sweat patch – an angel. We couldn’t believe it and couldn’t stop laughing. I thanked them for communicating with us in such a playful way.

I am an angel intuitive and can communicate with your angels to hear the messages that we sometimes miss. Only when you ask for help, can angels intervene. We have free will so they cannot help unless we ask unless it is a life threatening situation before our time.

If you would like an angel reading please feel free to visit our readings page under services.
Sending you love and blessings

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