What is a Chakra?

A chakra is a center of energy which is described as a spinning circle or “Wheel of Light”. The chakras are found in the etheric body and are linked to specific areas of the body. When a chakra becomes imbalanced the “wheel of light” doesn’t spinning correctly. This can affect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Chakra healing finds the cause of the disturbance within the chakra center, and allows a “re-calibration” of the chakra centers by working on the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Usually when the emotional component is found the physical symptoms clear and the chakra begins spinning correctly again, therefore removing the blockage and allowing the natural flow of energy to the etheric body again.

To treat such imbalances a chakra healing session would include:

•Finding he imbalance through a means of sensing, feeling or
seeing the energy disturbances.

•Removing the disturbances through an influx of energy, or any
type of energy removal technique.

•Healing the area with new energy.

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