Chakra Angel

    At Chakra Angel our space is about community and the coming together of souls. Yoga is defined in Sanskrit as “Unity”. It is based on the old philosophies and art of harmonizing the system to bring together the mind, body and soul.

    Our aim is to provide you with a space that is peaceful, relaxing, fun, safe and supportive for your Yoga practice.


    Benefits of Yoga

    Benefits of participating in a regular yoga practice include:

          • The ability to develop flexibility and strength – there is a yoga class to suit everyone

          • Consistent practice decreases symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and increases self esteem. Mindfulness and the art of being present increases happiness.

          • alleviating tension and recurring thoughts of fear and anger.

          • Physical health benefits like better posture, improved circulation, helps with the lymphatic system, lowers cortisol levels, regulates cholesterol, can help people with diabetes to lower blood sugar levels, improves co-ordination and memory, better sleep and boosts immunity.  It has also helped people suffering with asthma and high blood pressure

          • Reducing back pain by helping stretch, build and relax the spine

          • giving your body a full body workout that includes the mind, body and soul

          • a general feeling of well being


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