General Product Disclaimer

The meanings and information supplied on the Website under shop products have been provided by the supplying agents.  All medical and health information provided is a guide only.  The information is not be used a substitute from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional, and should not replace any medications or prescriptions.

Products have been described on the Website with product details as accurately as possible.  However, from time to time Chakra Angel has no control over the manufacturers and importers changing aspects’ of their products like altering colours, descriptions of products, markings may be different, general finishing’s and packaging and marketing materials altered without notice. We will make every effort to advise you should the product be different to the image shown on the Website.

As tumbled stones, gemstones and crystals are generally sourced from the earth, each one is unique, a master piece from Mother Earth, therefore please note that there will be variations in appearances of the stones and crystals that are pictured on the Website.

In the event where the stone/crystals appear smaller than what is portrayed in grams on the product description on the website under Tumbled Stones two of the same stone will be provided.