Student Information

    Please arrive 15-20 minutes early on your first visit as you will be asked to complete a new student information form and from then on arrive 10 minutes early for class.

    Being in the space of arriving early to class allows you to ground yourself, stretch before practice and meet our community. If you arrive late you may run the risk of not being able to enter the yoga class.

    Students are also welcome to shop before class in our front showroom where you can find mind, body and soul products for purchase.

    All equipment is provided in the classes including yoga mats, blankets, bolsters, cushions and straps, however, we de request that you bring your own towels to class. Yoga equipment is also available for purchase in our front showroom.

    Please discuss any health concerns or issues with the yoga instructor or our induction team member.

    You should never experience any pain in the poses and our instructors can help you to modify the pose if need be or make adjustments.

    The yoga session will help you to feel relaxed and revitalized.

    If you have not practiced in yoga previously or have not been exercising you may experience some muscle soreness over 2 days. If you experience muscle soreness for longer than this period it can indicate that you may have pushed the poses and stretches too far.

    We are a cell phone/iPad free studio and request that all mobile devices are switched off during class and upon entry to the studio.

    Please be mindful of other students and speak quietly to greet fellow students. We invite you to join our community and introduce yourselves and embrace each others spirit.

    Please remove your shoes and belongings and leave them in the designated area which will be shown to you upon arrival to your first class.

    Because yoga is experienced in close proximity with others it is important to be mindful of others needs so we please ask that you courteously refrain from wearing perfumes, scented lotions, and colognes to class. A clean body will help as well as not eating heavily fragrant foods such as garlic or curry before class.

    Yoga is best done on an empty stomach. Eating 2-3 hours before practice is recommended. If you feel you require food before a class a light snack like a salad, or a piece of fruit/vegetable or juice may be beneficial.

    Water is permitted in the studio. Water is also available for purchase.

    Our goal is to provide you with a space that is supportive and safe for your yoga practice and bring together other like minded people in a community.

    Our classes will make you feel stronger, calmer, more flexible and help you to feel empowered and amazing. If you continue your yoga practice, over a period of time you will notice that your body will reshape and become more flexible, your confidence and stamina will improve, you will feel your mental state and stress levels improve and sleep becomes easier.

    Come and join our classes in a strong and supportive community and Awaken your Soul, mind and body!


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    What others say about us

    Thank you so much words cannot express how grateful I am for your guidance in my reading.  You truly are a beautiful soul and yes everything is going to be ok, I just have to stop worrying. Thank you again many many blessings to you.


    Wow, your healing has made such a difference in my life, it was truly magical.  I have had so many changes and transformations in my life and I know it is form the healing I received.  Thank you for looking after me.  You are very special.  You really are.

    Thank you so much.  I actually don’t know how to thank you enough.  I feel so good this morning after my chakra healing and reading yesterday.  Lighter and less stressed.  I feel I have more positive direction in my life, I know it will still be hard but at least I have help now.  I am so happy you were sent to me and I will keep in touch.  xxx

    Thank you so much for the pendulum you chose for me with your intuition from your store – it was perfect and the right colored stone too.   I wasn’t sure about using it but am grateful for the tips you offered and I now take it with me everywhere for the guidance I need.  I love it!  Thank you.

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