Angel Therapy Healing

    Angel Therapy is a type of alternative therapy which is a non-denominational spiritual method of healing and involves working and communicating with the guardian angels and archangels to heal various problems including physical, mental and spiritual health. Though primarily considered as a spiritual healing therapy, Angel therapy is also known to benefit some people by providing appropriate advice and guidance on their career, life purpose, relationships and day to day occurrences.

    This type of healing channels energy from the Divine and the Angels to help the person with their particular ailment.  The healing is non evasive and can provide the person with the healing required.

    Angel Therapy Healing sessions can be practiced in person, or from a distance, or over the telephone. They are safe for everyone, regardless of age or current medical condition.

    Angel Therapy Healing can also clear negative energy from a person’s psychic energy field.  Physical, psychological and emotional illness and trauma can leave negative physical impressions on a cellular level.  These negative impressions can strongly influence the individual’s mind, body and soul function.  Through Angel Therapy healing techniques the energetic imbalances can be restored to optimal function leaving the individual feeling a sense of release, wellness and peace.


    Thank you so much.  You gave me so much information and healing – I’m feeling so energized and happy. Thank you for your amazing gift and sharing this with me. I shall be recommending you to everyone. Have a wonderful day.  Love and sunshine.  Namaste ~ Reaya

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